Government puts profits ahead of patients says Rotherham MP


In a Commons debate on the Francis Report in Parliament last week, Sarah Champion MP spoke out about the lessons learned from the failings of Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and the Government's refusal to listen, continuing to put profits ahead of patients. In her speech Sarah talked about the report giving the opportunity to reflect, to learn and, hopefully, to not make some of the same mistakes again.

The Francis report, published a year ago, made stark reading. It exposed the dreadful practices that no one should ever have to endure, with shocking stories of patients left in their own excrement, unfed, and pleading for water, Sarah said.

My heart genuinely goes out to patients and their families who suffered such poor treatment at the hands of an NHS that was seemingly driven by apathy, not by quality of care, she continued.

For the changes Francis recommended to be implemented, they need to be fully adopted by the Government. Instead, the Government have spent 3 billion on a top-down reorganisation that nobody wanted and nobody voted for.

Almost one million patients have waited more than four hours in A and E in the last 12 months and, as has already been pointed out, hundreds of mental health beds have been lost in the last two years.

Patients are still suffering at the hands of the Government.

NewsVanessa Johns