Closing Children's Centres will cost parents, Sarah warns Ministers


Sarah has warned Ministers in Parliament today of the severe costs to parents of closing Sure Start Children's Centres in Rotherham. During questions to the Communities and Local Government Department, Sarah challenged Brandon Lewis about the enormous impact of the local Government cuts on families with young children.

Mr. Lewis responded, that councils should make sensible savings, to which Sarah hit back by raising the costs of additional childcare to families in Rotherham. She asked: what does the Minister suggest that I say to my constituents who face an additional monthly bill of £160 for child care, following his local Government finance cuts to Rotherham, that are forcing Sure Starts to close?

Since Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council recently announced plans to consult on the closure of 13 of its' Children's Centres, Sarah has been vocal in her support of the campaign to keep the Sure Starts running.

Sarah commented: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have been unfairly blamed for the proposed closure of these centres, when it's clear to see that the blame rests solely on this Tory-led Government for these brutal cuts in Rotherham.

Our children and families are being hit hard and I was proud to challenge Ministers today on the costs of these cuts to families, however, more must be done. I will keep campaigning to find an alternative to the closure of this essential service which means so much to our communities.

NewsVanessa Johns