When Parliament is sitting, I’m usually in London from Monday to Wednesday representing Rotherham.  I speak in debates, ask questions, lobby Ministers and campaign on a variety of issues.

In 2014, I led a high-profile inquiry into the effectiveness of current child sexual exploitation (CSE) legislation, which culminated with a change in the law – something that is virtually unheard of for a back-bencher. 

The process of securing the change was filmed as part of the BBC documentary Inside the Commons – now frequently used in education to teach students about the parliamentary process.

In 2015, I was appointed as Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse and Domestic Violence, and from 2016-2017 I was Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities.

As a backbencher, I campaign on child protection, ending violence against women and girls, support for victims, and equality and human rights, as well as representing my constituents in parliament.

I sit on the Administration Select Committee and previously sat on the Transport Committee and the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee.



I consider my most important duty as a Member of Parliament to be giving a voice to the issues that matter to my constituents.

In Rotherham, I have worked hard to support the victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation in our town and to fight for the resources and commitment we need to confront these horrific crimes. I have also campaigned to change the law so authorities have the tools they need to tackle abuse head on and ensure our young people are protected.

I have campaigned extensively to defend our steel industry and to protect jobs in Rotherham. I have worked closely with the industry and trade unions to make the Government recognise the importance of steel to our economy and act to protect it.

I have also been a vocal campaigner on the need to hold an inquiry into the events of the so called ‘Battle of Orgreave’, which took place in my constituency in 1984.

I regularly meet with constituents and hold surgeries to allow people to raise their concerns with me directly or to seek my help with issues they have faced. Since I was elected, I have undertaken thousands of cases on behalf of my constituents.