Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Campaign


Sarah first became involved in campaigning for changes to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme and CICA following the refusal of claims for compensation for victims of child sexual exploitation on the grounds that they had consented to their own abuse.

Sarah wrote to the Ministry of Justice outlining concerns about the scheme and CICA in July 17 (here) and received a response (here). She subsequently met with the then Secretary of State for Justice, David Liddington and received a response in writing (here).

Sarah highlighted also these issues in an article in the Times, available here , and in Parliament here. Sarah also highlighted the denial of claims on the grounds of a claimant having received a criminal conviction and the so called ‘Same Roof Rule’, which denies compensation to claimants if they lived under the same roof as the perpetrator prior to 1979.

A subsequent review of CICA’s guidelines resulted in changes aimed to prevent victims of abuse being denied compensation the grounds that they consented to their abuse.

In April 2017, Sarah co-ordinated a joint letter to the MoJ highlighting broad concerns about the Scheme and CICA. The letter and the response received are available here and here.

In July 2018, a Court of Appeal hearing found the Same Roof Rule to be ‘arbitrary and unfair’.

In September 2018, as a result of Sarah’s campaign, the Government announced a review into the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. It also announced that the Same Roof Rule was to be abolished. Sarah’s response to the announcement is here.

During a debate last week on the Victims’ Strategy, Sarah again highlighted to issues with the Scheme and CICA and outlined necessary changes. Sarah’s speech is viewable here.

During the debate, the Solicitor General stated that changes to the Same Roof Rule would be implemented ‘as soon as is practicable’.