Privatisation of Probation Will Mean More Crime


Sarah has warned that government plans to privatise the Probation Service next year will undermine the excellent work of local Probation Trusts. After a visit to SYPT at Rawmarsh Road this week, she said: You can't take risks with public safety, yet this is precisely what the Government is doing with their reckless plans to privatise the Probation Service. Here in Rotherham, we are pioneering multi-agency approaches to probation. Thanks to SYPT and its partners within the police, NHS Drug & Alcohol Teams, and housing providers, re-offending rates are at an all-time low. SYPT recently won an award for excellence, was of one five exceptional Trusts in the NOMS Probation Trust Annual Performance Ratings and has implemented IMPACT, which treats offenders holistically. By bringing together housing specialists, drug workers, probation officers, local charities and others, the Trust is able to remove many of the underlying causes that lead offenders to turn back to a life of crime.

I got the drug treatments I needed, and a little space to call my own explained one former offender. Thanks to the level of support I got, I was motivated enough to get a job for the first time in ages, he added.

A spokesperson for the Trust said The IMPACT approach works because key people are brought under one roof and can share information instantly. Some of the partners are volunteering their time, and many go the extra mile, over and above their job description.

According to the latest figures, SYPT has succeeded in reducing re-offending rates by 13.4 per cent, compared with a national average of 3.79 per cent.