Sarah Champion MP to tell MPs that child sexual abuse is a public health crisis.

  • Seven per cent of 16 - 59 year olds in England and Wales have been sexually abused as a child, says Chair of APPG for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

  • Devastating impact of trauma in early life is lifelong and costly to both the individual and state.


On Wednesday 22nd May in a parliamentary debate on the All-Party Parliamentary Group’s recent report, ‘Achieving information and support for survivors,’ Sarah Champion MP will call on Ministers to transform Government’s response to child sexual abuse by: training frontline professionals in how to respond appropriately to disclosures of abuse; increase funding for specialist charities that provide counselling to survivors to meet demand; launch a public health campaign to tackle the stigma of abuse and provide information about available support.


The report was published at the end of a six-month inquiry that heard from nearly 400 survivors of abuse. The impact of abuse uncovered is shocking. 90 per cent of survivors said their intimate relationships were negatively impacted by abuse; 72 per cent their career; 65 per cent their education and 46 per cent their financial situation. While 89 per cent said their mental health was negatively impacted, only 16 per cent said NHS mental health services met their needs.

Sarah Champion, Chair of the APPG, will say:


“Child sexual abuse in the UK is a public health crisis. The number of victims is simply staggering. 7% of people aged between 16-59 report being sexual abused as a child. This equates to over two million survivors in the England and Wales alone.”


Commenting on the debate Champion said:


“We know that abuse can have devastating consequences for a survivor’s mental wellbeing and this impacts on their relationships, work and financial security.


Knowing the scale of abuse in this country, we cannot keep ignoring the impact on victims and fail to offer them the support they deserve.


We need a transformative approach. It is within Government’s gift to fund specialist support services to rebuild the lives of survivors.  Tinkering around the edges or turning a blind eye is simply not acceptable.”

Jim Pomeroy