Sarah responds to the publication of the Interim Report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

I welcome the publication of the interim report of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

The inquiry had a difficult inception and I am pleased to see that this has not inhibited it in being brave in the scope of its work. It is vital that we understand both the failures of the past and best practice going forwards to ensure Britain is safe for all our children today.

Child sexual abuse is a hugely challenging and distressing subject to confront. We have failed generations by shying away from a problem that is both difficult and endemic within our society. I am pleased that IICSA is tackling these uncomfortable truths and presenting practical solutions to address them once and for all.

We must understand the drivers behind child sexual exploitation if we are truly to achieve a society safe for all our children and I am pleased that the report has been unflinching in confronting these complex issues.

I urge the government to now implement the report’s recommendations in full and without delay. Too often the big problems are met with warm words and little practical action. This cannot be the case any longer when it comes to preventing child abuse.

I am gravely concerned that should the Government fail to implement these  recommendations in full, another generation of children may find themselves at risk, with authorities ill equipped, under resourced and ill prepared to protect them.

Alexander Guest