Sarah Champion secures a review for victims of crime.  

Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, secured a major victory in her campaign for victims and survivors of crime as the Government confirmed the Terms of Reference for its review of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS).


Sarah has long been campaigning for the reform of CICS, which has previously denied compensation to deserving victims in Rotherham. In a letter to Sarah, Minister Edward Argar committed to review CICS with a view to the impact of the scheme on victims of child sexual abuse. He restated a commitment to remove the ‘same roof rule’ which denied compensation to victims who lived with their abuser prior to 1979. The Minister said he had told officials to re-consider time limits on making applications to the scheme and on unspent convictions.


Commenting, Sarah Champion said:


“I am delighted that the Government has committed to reviewing the Criminal Injuries and Compensation Scheme in full.


For years, CICS has proven inaccessible and retraumatising for victims and survivors. Instead of helping them to use the scheme, hurdles are put in their way. Too many have been wrongly denied compensation in the past.


In Rotherham, survivors of child sexual exploitation (CSE) have been denied compensation because of unspent convictions gained when they were exploited and coerced into criminal activity by grooming gangs.


It’s also welcome the Government will finally abandon the ‘same roof rule.’ This has cruelly denied many victims. It is positive that victims will be able to reapply if they were previously denied under this rule.


In the past we have heard plenty of warm words from the Government on reforming the compensation scheme. I will continue to campaign until the Government puts the needs of victims and survivors first.”

Jim Pomeroy