Sarah Champion speaks in debate on the future of the steel industry

I spoke today in a parliamentary debate on the future of the steel industry and in particular, on the failure to include steel in the first wave of sector-specific deals between industry and government.

I highlighted both the renewed optimism for steel production in Rotherham and the Government failure to work with steel producers to address structural issues which continue to hold the industry back.

Investment from Liberty House, who have completed their takeover of Tata’s Speciality Steels division, based in Rotherham, has brought the welcome news that not only are existing jobs secure, but that 300 new jobs will be created in the coming months.

Despite this positive investment, Liberty’s commitment to British steel has not been matched by the Government. Many of the problems that led steel to the brink in recent years persist and today I called on the Government to engage with steel producers to address these issues and to support this growing and dynamic industry.

Matthew Trueman