Sarah Champion MP reacts to sentencing of six men in Rotherham

Reacting to today's sentencing of six men who sexually abused two girls in Rotherham, Sarah Champion MP said:

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the survivors in bravely coming forward to the police.

The survivors will have given courage and inspiration to victims of abuse.

By continuing to successfully prosecute abusers, we are sending the message loud and clear that these despicable crimes will not be tolerated. We should not rest until justice has been served for the victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and around the UK.

I would like to thank South Yorkshire Police for their hard work and the CPS for pursuing a successful prosecution.


Notes to Editors:

Child sex ring jailed for 81 years for abuse of two Rotherham girls,child-sex-ring-jailed-for-81-years-for-vile-abuse-of-two-rotherham-girls_21432.htm

Matthew Trueman