Equal Pay Day

Today marks Equal Pay Day. This means that from today until the end of the year, women in the UK effectively work for free, because of the gender pay gap.

Despite the Equal Pay Act 47 years ago, women still earn less than men in Britain today.

The latest stats show that, on average, women working full-time earn 14.1% less than men. The gap is even wider for older women, BAME women, and women on higher earnings.

Research carried out by the Fawcett Society shows that in Rotherham the pay gap is 11.9%.

I’m really proud that my ten minute rule bill in 2014 forced the government to address this inequality. From next year, larger companies must publish details of their male and female staff's pay bands.

This should have happened years ago – it has taken the Tories seven years to enact a simple piece of legislation that Labour introduced in 2010, as part of the Equalities Act.

How can it be that in 2017 your gender can still determine how much you get paid? It really is shocking.

Matthew Trueman