Sarah Champion Pressures Government on Child Protection Measures

THE Secretary of State for Education faced pressure earlier today from Sarah Champion MP to fulfil the Government’s commitment to introduce relationships and sex education under the Children and Social Work Act 2017.

The introduction from Key Stage One of age-appropriate relationships education for all children was a key recommendation in Sarah’s ‘Dare2Care’ National Action Plan for preventing child abuse and violence in teenage relationships, which consulted with more than 50 charities, experts and leading campaigners.

In the Chamber during Education Questions, Sarah asked:

“This House should be commended for legislating for relationship education for all primary school children. This will create a more tolerant society and also benefit child protection. Can the Secretary of State outline the introduction of this and also tell us what additional resources she’ll be giving to schools?”

The Secretary of State, Justine Greening responded by saying:

“We’re going to be setting out the details about the engagement process that will get underway to make sure that we can get these next proposals right.”

After the session concluded, Sarah added:

“It’s extremely disappointing that the Secretary of State refused to detail a timetable for implementing relationships education for all primary children. The Government are dragging their heels on a crucial matter of child protection. Legislation is just words on paper unless it is resourced and acted on.”

Matthew Trueman