Sarah's statement regarding the Inquest into the Hillsborough tragedy

Responding to today's statements in the House of Commons, regarding the Inquest into the Hillsborough tragedy, Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, said:

I fully support the powerful words expressed in the House of Commons today from the Home Secretary, Shadow Home Secretary and colleagues on both sides of the House.

The courage and determination of the families and friends of the victims to fight for the truth and clear their names of the terrible lies told by the police and media should be applauded. Likewise, the work of colleagues in supporting their fight for justice should be commended.

It is clear that the police have failed the victims of that tragedy so absolutely. We have seen similar failings in relation to Orgreave, and I support Andy Burnham's call for a disclosure process to find the truth and achieve justice for the victims.

This police force have also failed some of Rotherham's most vulnerable young people, who were victims of the most unimaginable and shocking sexual exploitation. I will, as I always have, continue to fight for those victims. I will continue to fight to change the cultures in the South Yorkshire Police, which saw officers, and related services, turn their back on victims.

We must learn the lessons from these terrible tragedies. We must challenge complacencies, and combat lies and corruption where we see it. We must fight for truth and justice for all victims.