Sarah Champion MP, Shadow Minster for Preventing Abuse and Domestic violence, has called for the barriers to therapy faced by abused children in the UK to be lifted. Sarah was in Parliament pledging her support to It's Time, an NSPCC campaign calling for therapeutic services for abused children to be prioritised after a survey of over 1,000 professionals, including psychologists, GPs, teachers and social workers revealed serious concerns around the quality and provision of support for abused children.

The survey found reductions in spending, longer waiting lists, and higher thresholds for therapy were making it harder for affected children to access vital therapeutic services.

The survey revealed that nine in ten professionals feel the services for abused children are inadequate and half believe the criteria for receiving help from local NHS mental services are too strict. 96 per cent feel there are not enough Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for abused children.

Sarah Champion said:

The state of care for abused children in the UK is shocking. It is time that abused children and the services they need to rebuild their lives were prioritised and given the necessary material support.

In some cases, abused children have to wait over five months before receiving specialist support. A number of those abused also suffer the double injustice of then developing chronic health problems as a result of abuse. Access to early intervention and therapeutic services is key for these vulnerable young people.

When 78 per cent of the professionals surveyed feel that services have worsened in the last five years, the blame for that must lay squarely at the feet of the Government.

NewsVanessa Johns