Sarah Champion MP speaks out in Parliament for the Rotherham steel industry


Sarah Champion, Member of Parliament for Rotherham, has urged the Government to protect steel industry jobs in her constituency and help strengthen UK steel's position in the world market. 135 specialist research and development jobs are to be moved by Tata Steel from Rotherham to Warwick. In a speech in the House of Commons, Sarah pointed out the unfairness of the decision and how the move may not actually be beneficial to any party. She said:

The relocation is a lose-lose situation: Tata could lose skilled workers and those workers could lose their livelihoods. I ask today that the Government intervene to support Rotherham's R and D team by working closely with Tata Steel and the unions to establish an alternative solution.

It is not right that such a concentration of highly skilled workers is lost, particularly as the advanced manufacturing centre's catapult scheme and the steel proving factory are both in Rotherham.

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