Sarah Defends Disabled People


Sarah has defended people with disabilities, expressing her anger at comments made by the Under-Secretary of State for Welfare Reform, Lord Freud. Lord Freud publicly suggested last month that disabled people were not worth a full minimum wage. These comments follow a long line of failures by the Government to support those with disabilities.

People with debilitating degenerative conditions such as MS and Parkinsons have been declared fit to work under the Coalition's failing Work Capability Assessment. The processing of benefit claims has also left hundreds of cancer patients waiting 8-10 weeks for support, according to Macmillan Cancer Support.

A motion put before MPs, which was supported by Sarah, argued for Lord Freud's dismissal, declaring that his views had no place in a department responsible for ensuring those with disabilities are supported to make the most of their potential to work.

Sarah commented:

It is scandalous that these appalling comments were made by a Minister responsible for supporting disabled people. Time and time again this Government has chosen to hit those the most vulnerable the hardest. First we had the Bedroom Tax, then people with serious degenerative conditions declared fit to work, and now a Minister arguing disabled people are worth less than able bodied people.

We need a change in attitude and approach towards people with disabilities. Their rights as equal citizens demand that we recognise their value and contribution to our economy and society. If Lord Freud cannot understand the added difficulties disabled people face because of coalition policy, he has no place in welfare reform.

NewsVanessa Johns