Sarah appoints child sexual exploitation specialist Jayne Senior


Sarah has secured additional funding to enable her to appoint a specialist in child sexual exploitation, specifically to support the 1400 victims from Rotherham and ensure they get the justice they deserve. Jayne Senior, former manager of Risky Business - the only organisation to be commended in the Jay report - has been appointed to the role. Jayne has been working with victims of child exploitation since she set up the Rotherham service in 1999. She has worked extensively with the police to secure prosecutions and will make sure that more abusers are imprisoned in the near future.

Since the release of the Jay report, victims and their families have been contacting Sarah for support, as many of them say that they no longer trust the Police or Local Authority. The new appointment will mean that the victims are able to get the best support, from an impartial source.

Sarah commented:

"I have been overwhelmed with the number of victims contacting me in the last 6 weeks. I feel a moral duty to ensure that they receive support, care and justice, as they have been let down in the past and I need to know this won't happen again.

"Jayne Senior will be working directly with the victims to give them the support they need to give evidence, rebuild their lives and move forwards. In addition, Jayne will work with me to challenge the police and local authority to make sure they deliver an exemplary service to these victims, which is something that has been sadly lacking to date."

NewsVanessa Johns