Sainsbury's Active Kids 2014


Sainsbury's have recently launched their Active Kids 2014 campaign. The major supermarket chain have already donated £156130.00 worth of Active Kids equipment and experiences to organisations in Rotherham. Sainsbury's customers are given vouchers which can be donated to nurseries, schools, Scout and Guide groups and other youth sport groups. Since 2005, they have donated over £136 million worth of equipment and experiences to nearly 52,000 organisations across the UK.

This year they are excited to be announcing the introduction of more cooking equipment, including electrical appliances and tools for creative cooking. They are dialling up the calories in part of the children's health equation, rebalancing the scheme to provide the same emphasis, support and resources for schools in nutrition and cooking, as they do for activity. From September, all pupils between the ages of seven and 14 are to be taught cookery as part of the new national curriculum. The scheme, developed in collaboration with the British Nutritional Foundation, will equip school children with the materials, ingredients and knowledge to learn the skills to lead healthier lives.

From now until 20th May 2014, customers can collect Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers. I would encourage everyone to register to receive the vouchers get collecting in order to inspire our children to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

For further information visit the Active Kids website here:

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