Sarah speaks out about cuts to the youth service


Speaking out in Parliament recently, Sarah raised concerns about the Government's cuts to the youth service and its potentially damaging consequences for so many young people in Rotherham. Sarah is concerned that the cuts will mean that people don't get a fair start in life, because much needed services such as youth workers and anti bullying support will be lost.

She asked Nick Hurd, Minister for the Civil Society: Does the Minister agree that it will prove difficult, if not impossible, to provide a fair start for all young people in Rotherham given the £970,000 in cuts to youth service provision that the Council are now faced with? To which the Minister responded: I fully accept that there are very challenging pressures on local authorities as a result of the cuts."

Mahroof Hussain, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council's Cabinet Member for Communities commented on the discussion: We have done everything possible to make our services efficient, changed staffing contracts, merged services, went into partnership with the voluntary/community sector, brought in volunteers but there is no more to give, we cannot sustain any further cuts.

This is just another example of the effects that Government cuts are having on Councils and communities throughout the country. Our future depends on our young people and to have to lose such important services is the kind of decision that Councils are being faced with on a daily basis. The blame rests firmly with a Government that has lost touch with communities and values.

To view Sarah's full statement to Parliament click here

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