Sarah calls you to Rock the 'House'

Sarah is calling for musicians and film makers to enter Parliament's largest arts competition Rock the House and Film the House! Both of these competitions offer the opportunity for Rotherham's creatives to have their work judged by the leading lights of industry and win prizes ranging from festival slots, studio time, equipment, and the opportunity to have their work premiered in London's West End - to name but a few!

Sarah said: I am very pleased to be once again promoting this competition as I am fully aware of the multitude of extraordinary talent out there.

The UK music industry is hugely important in terms of employment and earnings. This must be encouraged and the awareness raised of Intellectual Property and protection of copyright, both of which are essential to the ongoing ability to pay artists for the work they create.

Once again, we want to celebrate the best up-and-coming artists, so come on all you talented musicians out there in Rotherham show us what you're made of!"

Brian May of Queen, who is a patron, said: It is a great honour to back Rock the House. The UK is a hotbed of musical talent from all genres, and if the British music industry is going to grow and thrive then musicians need to be able to make a living from selling their product. This competition gives all musicians, from all backgrounds the chance to get out there and make live music one of the things Brits do best.

For more information on how to enter, go to



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