Sarah undertakes first session at CSE inquiry


This week, victims of child sexual exploitation and trafficking gave evidence to a panel of politicians in a closed session as part of a wide-reaching inquiry. Rotherham's MP, Sarah Champion, in partnership with Barnardo's, is leading the inquiry which aims to focus the response of authorities to these crimes and is the first of four sessions that will test the effectiveness of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Young people came to Parliament from Barnardo's services to tell the cross-party panel of their experiences and how they were treated by police and other agencies which had been directly involved.

Sarah said: To hear how the system let down these young people when they tried to get help and also prosecutions was shocking. I have so much admiration for their bravery to come and tell their stories today. Their only motivation was to prevent others from being exploited.

This inquiry will shine a light on how effectively agencies in the UK are currently working to fight child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Their evidence is essential if we are to create legislation that is fit for purpose and I am very grateful to them for being brave enough to speak to us.

To read the complete press release, click here: First CSE session PR-17-12-13