Sarah warns of Heat or Eat dilemma this Christmas

Sarah has reacted with concern this week at the publication of a report which shows families are facing Christmas amid a growing struggle to feed themselves, heat their homes and cope with debt. More households are now spending less than £20 a week on food, while over half have no money left after paying essential weekly bills, research by Real Life Reform - a major study by social landlords of more than 80 households across the North of England - has found.

In some areas, the report found that neighbours are cooking extra food and buying groceries for families and friends in their street who are struggling to cope. One group of mums even split the cost of Sunday lunch and cook in each other's houses to make sure their children get to eat some decent food.

Sarah said: I know the Government is telling us that the economy is getting better, but when I talk to people in Rotherham they are not feeling any benefit. I am deeply concerned that people are facing another winter having to make choices between heating their homes or buying Christmas presents for their children. We need practical measure to make this situation better, not policies that only seem to benefit the rich.

To read the full press release, click here: Heat or Eat-PR