Sarah opposes proposed demolition of Doncaster Gate Hospital


Sarah has today written to the Strategic Director of Environment and Development Services at Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) to raise her objection to the proposed demolition of the Doncaster Gate Hospital. Sarah said: ÔÇ£the demolition of a building so important to RotherhamÔÇÖs history would be a grave loss to the townÔÇØ. Although the building is not listed, it is clear from correspondence Sarah has received that there is considerable interest from local people who feel that all options for this architecturally building significant to be renovated or repurposed should be considered.

SarahÔÇÖs letter calls for RMBC to make renewed efforts to preserve the building, and highlights an online petition that has attracted over 800 signatories. ÔÇ£The strength of public opinion on this matter is clearÔÇØ, she added.

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