Independent Inquiry in Rotherham on Historic Cases of Child Sexual Exploitation

Sarah welcomes the news that Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) has commissioned an independent inquiry into the history of child sexual abuse cases in Rotherham. It is absolutely right that this investigation is conducted. The Home Affairs Select Committee was extremely critical of RMBC and these complaints have been echoed by the victims themselves. Whilst the inquiry won't change the horror that these children suffered, I hope it gives them some form of closure. All children and young people in Rotherham have the right to be protected from exploitation and abuse. This inquiry - in conjunction with others by the Police and in Parliament - should provide the basis for a cast iron guarantee that similar failings will never happen again.

Sarah would like to commend the Rotherham Advertiser and the people of Rotherham for their continuing efforts to ensure that this matter is properly investigated. We all have a duty to protect our children and report possible abuse. It is reassuring to know that the people of Rotherham take that commitment seriously and to know that their voice has been heard.

For full press release click here: CSE.04.9.13