We need a plan for jobs and growth in Rotherham


Sarah Champion's wasted no time in hitting the streets of Rotherham to meet voters and says already it's clear there's something we need here more than anything - jobs and investment. The Labour Party candidate for the upcoming by-election met a group of apprentices studying at Rotherham college. They told her they were taking full advantage of their opportunity, but every one of them had friends out of work who were struggling. Sarah said:

"The same issue is coming up on the doorstep and in the town centre again and again. This Tory-led government's failed economic plan has hit Rotherham hard and the result has been a massive increase in youth unemployment.

"The fantastic group of apprentices I met are an example of what's possible if young people are given the right opportunities to get a foothold on the career ladder, but we need a lot more of that.

"If I'm elected I will work hard to try and bring more businesses to Rotherham, investing in our town and providing opportunities for our young and willing workforce. And I want to see more small and medium sized businesses taking on apprentices."