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I have been the MP for Rotherham since November 2012 it is a great honour for me to be able to represent the people of my constituency and I will always put the people of Rotherham first.

My time is split between my constituency and Parliament and although I have additional roles within Westminster as a member of the Transport Select Committee and as PPS to the Shadow Secretary of State for Education, the bulk of my work is in representing my constituents, and campaigning on matters of local concern. As such, I am always keen to hear from you.

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Sarah Champion MP
Member of Parliament for Rotherham

Latest News

October 20, 2014
The Office of Sarah Champion MP is looking for someone to help Sarah deal with the public and listen to constituents’ concerns. The role involves community engagement, as well as speaking to...

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MP meets with Home Secretary to demand national approach to tackle child abuse
October 20, 2014
Sarah recently held a private meeting with Teresa May to advise her on how to tackle child abuse, particularly child sexual exploitation, nationally. During her national inquiry into child sexual...

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Sarah calls on Government to Recognise Palestinian State
October 15, 2014
Speaking in the debate, Sarah gave an impassioned speech arguing in favour of Palestinian statehood as a means to securing lasting peace. Sarah highlighted that Palestine already has many of the...

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Sarah appoints child sexual exploitation specialist Jayne Senior
October 14, 2014
Sarah has secured additional funding to enable her to appoint a specialist in child sexual exploitation, specifically to support the 1400 victims from Rotherham and ensure they get the justice they...

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